Music is for everyone. performing is for everyone.

At Perform2learn we believe in lessons that develop 9 key elements:

  • Tenacity
  • Pride
  • Enjoyment
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Independence
  • Drive
  • Self-belief
  • Contentment

"If the Music doesn't say it, how can the words say it for the music."

John Coltrane

Our Lessons

All lessons will include:

  • A recording of a performance that took place during the lesson. We believe that listening to yourself is a key aspect of the learning journey.​                                                               
  • Written feedback. We believe that the student and parent should be both actively involved and informed of the progress that is being made.
  • Performing Opportunities. We believe that Learning can be advanced through Performance. All our students will be given Performance opportunities regularly, both in front of each other, friends and family, and the wider general public.

​Enjoyment through achievement